Cost Of Postage To Send A Box

When we first started sending Care Packages we used the free U.S.P.S. “if it fits – it ships” APO/FPO boxes.  The cost for postage per box was $8.95.

In 2010 it went up to $10.95 and by 2011 we were paying $12.95 per box.

In February 2012 it went up another 50cents so now its $13.45.  In 2013 they raised it yet again, but this time $1.40 per box, which takes the postage per box up to $14.85.  Wow!

This is when we decided to use a much bigger box and stuff it with whatever they asked for instead of whatever we could fit in.  Our packages can weigh anywhere from 25 pounds to 52 pounds, but the average around is 35 pounds.

The cost of these bigger packages can range from $27ish to $50ish.  To date, the most we have paid to mail a box has been $50.05.